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Wow...you found this page without much effort, didn't you? Welcome, have a stack of Oreos, and let me tell you what this webring is all about. Yes, I know that there are now quite a few rings devoted to furries, but I can assure you that this one is quite different from the rest.

You? Wasn't this ring being managed by Webkitty, or a committee of furs? Webkitty (as then known) originally created this ring but ran out of time to administer it during college. It passed to other furs and for the last few years it has been run by a committee. However, some have moved on to other things, and following the passing of John Hey (twoolfe), I am now the only remaining member of that committee.

This ring is for those who adhere to a "furry lifestyle", as exemplified by the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry in its early years. The FAQ for this group is quite informative and will give you the lowdown on which pages can be included in the ring. In general the page should include some material that deals with the furry lifestyle, or better still your own furry lifestyle.

What this ring shouldn't include:

Everything else is fair game, I think, and if you have any questions about acceptability, refer to the FAQ or contact us.

One last thing, a listing of some of the other furry-related webrings which may be better suited to some pages.

This site is an Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association Affiliate

How to Join the Ring

  1. Construct your site. I will need to be able to review your site content to see if it matches the goals of the ring, and this can't be done until those pages are in place. It doesn't have to be completely finished (how many web sites ever are?) but there needs to be enough for the me to look at, in particular the relevant furry lifestyle content.

    One of the benefits of joing the ring is the additional traffic it will bring to your site. Visitors from the ring will arrive at the page where you will be putting your Webring links. If this isn't going to be on your welcome page, then ensure that there is some way for visitors to navigate to the rest of your content.

  2. Submit your site. Go to the ring hub page, and use the join button to submit your site. Webring is no longer a part of Yahoo!, so you don't need to have Yahoo! ID to submit, and that is a good thing. You will need to sign up to Webring though, and it is important to provide a working e-mail address for an account you check regularly. This ensures that you can be contacted during the submission process.

    When you are asked to provide the URL of your site make sure it is for the page that will have the WebRing navigation code on it when you are done. If you have given the URL of your top level page but the WebRing code is going to be on another page then we will not be able to add your site to the ring. Similarly if you have given the URL of a page that uses frames, and the WebRing code is in one of the frames then you will also have to include it in the "noframes" section on the original page.

    I will begin looking at your site once you submit it, or shortly after. Rarely it may take a couple of weeks to get round to looking at your site, as my job sometimes takes me away from home for long periods. I'll let you know whether your site will be accepted, if their are elements that need work, or if it has been rejected (see the "What this ring shouldn't include" section above).

    Once the site has been accepted, it will automatically be added to the ring once the navigation code is present and correct.

  3. Add the navigation code to your site. If you like the small navigation bars then use the "Get Navigation Code" link on the administration page for your site, and cut and paste this into the page you gave the URL of. If you don't like the use of JavaScript to include the Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB) then follow the "HTML Version" link at the bottom of the navigation code page.

    Alternatively, you may prefer the old-style navigation that many of the original ring sites have (including this page). This requires you to be a little more careful about the HTML you add, so follow the instructions carefully.

For those of you already in the ring, you can modify your listing, (change the URL, your email address, your description, etc) by going here.


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