Dawson Fur Fabrics

Dawson's 'Sliver Knitting' process is now recognised as a truly attractive alternative to fashion 'Fleece' and is rapidly expanding into new markets including soft furnishing and industrial polishing. Dawson has almost unrivalled expertise in this field, with a collective skill base built over generations. The advantages of sliver knitting include:

Dawson's 'Circular' Knitting operation is geared for the rapid-response culture of the modern retailer, with vertical facilities of knitting, dyeing and finishing, and targeted bespoke development by in-house stylists. Our fleece and towelling collections are in demand all over the world, with end uses ranging from high fashion and leisurewear to sportswear, workwear and babywear. Situated in the heart of English Textile country, Dawson's Circular Division benefits from generations of expertise within a progressive and modern facility.

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