Wolf head photos

These are early photos (not of wonderful quality) of the wolf head that I've been working on. Much of work in creating these is Sandroo's, and I'll leave him to document the details of the construction. Suffice to say the mask is made of white fake fur on a latex shell.

My own contributions to the project amount to having my face and shoulders lifecast, assisting with the initial modelling, locating supplies of alginate, latex and fur, and airbrushing the wolf mask.

The eagle-eyed may have seen a fox head based on the same cast around Anthrocon 2002, being modeled by Lone Wolf.

wolfhead01.jpg 66k wolfhead02.jpg 50k wolfhead03.jpg 60k

Wolf mask face on.

Wolf mask side view.

Why aren't I in this picture? Aren't I cute enough?

wolfhead04.jpg 65k

Wolf mask rear view.