Furvey - Sexuality/Relationships

The questions in this category relate to sexual activities and fetishes; and/or emotional relationships.

64. Are you straight, gay or bisexual?
[if you want to be more precise you can specify your answer on a scale ranging from 0 (strictly heterosexual) to 9 (strictly homosexual).]

Mostly straight as far as initial attraction goes. More open with furs I know well.

65. What are your favourite sexual activities, with other people?
[TinySex, pony play, fursuit sex, roleplay, vanilla sex etc]

Erotic play/massage. I tend to bite/nibble. I'd like to try fursuit sex.

66. What are your 'furry fetishes'?
[Vorarephilia, macrophilia, microphilia, doraphilia, fat furries, transformation, plushophilia, inflatophilia etc]

I do like the feel of fur, and find it arousing. Other odd things about furries also affect me - like being able to look someone in the eyes while they can breathe into your ears. I like, but not exclusively, fat furries.

67. Describe your ideal partner.
[species, appearance, personality etc]

Another anthro fur, female, though not of a specific species. Kind, intelligent, playful. Pleasantly rounded, and comfortable with herself.

68. What type of furry sexual fantasies do you have?

These are fairly rare, and difficult to categorise.

69. Has your gender preference changed since discovering the furry community?

Sort of - I suspect I've just opened up more.