Furvey - Furry Media

In this section, the term 'furry' refers to the depiction of anthropomorphic animals in media (artwork, stories, music etc); and/or, media which affects you on a personal / emotional / spiritual level.

11. Who are your favourite furry characters?
[e.g. Mickey Mouse, Chester Ringtail, Amy Squirrel, Sonic etc]

Angua from Terry Pratchett's novels. Reganne from "The Silver Wolf" by Alice Borchardt. Florence from Freefall. Coyote from "Pollen" by Jeff Noon. Red Stephie from "Crushed: The doomed kitty adventures" at SuperMegaTopia.

12. What type of furry artwork do you enjoy viewing/collecting?
[erotic/romantic, manga, goth, cyber/sci-fi, violent, cutesy/toony, pin-up, photomorphs/realistic, mythological, action, humorous etc]

I don't have a huge collection of furry artwork, a few hundred images collected from fur.artwork.misc, and web sites, a handful of prints. My tastes tend to encompass all of the above - what I look for is good "observation" and style, and pieces that have a deeper personal significance. Very little is what might be called erotic. I do find plump furries attractive, so there are a proportion of these, but not exclusively.

13. What type of furry literature do you enjoy reading?
[erotic/romantic, adventure, cyber/sci-fi, violent, humorous/parody, etc]

The well written sort. From the above list, cy/sci-fi, adventure, humorous. I wouldn't read something because its violent or erotic, but I like those things when they are an integral part of a story.

14. What are your favourite furry films/cartoons?

I can't think of many furry films, "Antz", perhaps "Wolf", and "Who framed Roger Rabbit". Other films skirt around the concepts associated with furriness for me, like Alien Resurrection, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element. Less significant to me personally, but still very enjoyable are "The Jungle Book", "Lady and the Tramp", "The Aristocats".

I've always liked cartoons and animation, a brief sampling would be: The Herb Garden, Hector's House, The Clangers, Scooby-Doo, Danger Mouse, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Creature Comforts, A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, Cow and Chicken

15. What are your favourite furry computer games?

Games don't occupy a huge amount of my time - probably the last furry game I played was KnightLore on the BBC micro. I suspect this may change in the near future though.

16. What are your favourite furry comic books?

Calvin and Hobbes, Ruppert the Bear. I'm not really exposed to comic books created in or for the fandom. The only thing I've bought consistently was Hepcats. I'm also fond of Reality Check.

17. What are your favourite furry comic strips?

Freefall, Clan of the Cats, Newshounds, Sabrina Online, Zen dao Meow, SuperMegaTopia. I also read non-furry ones like Bobbins and Sev Trek. [Links]

18. What types of furry media do you create?
[art, stories, music etc. Feel free to mention a URL here]

I occasionally get round to drawing, and there are some examples can be found on this site.

I also write, though almost no one has read the results. These aren't on the web pages. More recently I've become involved more in fursuiting, so I suppose you could say this image of Chik'ki has elements of my furry art (the prothetic was made by Sandroo).

19. Who are your favourite furry artists?

Tygger Graf, Paf, Bob Drake, Hiho, Kyo, The Brothers Grinn.

20. Who are your favourite furry writers?
[mainstream authors like Colin Dann and Brian Jacques; furry fandom writers like Allen Kitchen and Will A. Sanborn; or anecdotal Homesteaders like Batty and Plonq]

While not mainstream furry, I have to plug Jeff Noon for Vurt, Pollen, and Automated Alice. Akif Pirincci for Felidae. Alice Borchardt for The Silver Wolf (and not for Night of the Wolf).

From the assembled cast of Homestead, if asked to choose, I'd have to mention Allen Kitchen, Chris Johnson, and Plonq.

21. Who are your favourite furry musicians?

Swampy, Cheetah, Chama, Chris Johnson, Hrrunka.