Furry quotes

The first furry mailing list I ever joined (before I delurked on alt.lifestyle.furry) was the Eurofurries one. There I got talking to ProFox and he sent me this as some guidance for the journey of discovery that lay ahead.

We are Furrys, with dignity and pride.
We are free
     no one can touch us
          no one can force us to deny what we are believing in
               no one can destroy our feelings, our love.
All of us are walking through the world
     with eyes open
          with purpose in our step.
Sometimes we even abandon society
     only to embrace this Furry thing
          to be ourselves.

I love it, and its been re-read countless times when I've been feeling down or mundane. My thanks go to ProFox.

The first line actually comes from the "EuroFurry Hymn" (composed in the back seat of a car on the way to Eurofurence II) by Chama and Jumpy. I'd like to thank them also for their part in this.

This quote got me thinking, and I wrote the following which ProFox liked and thought could be added to the above.

Furry freedom seems to be a very special thing. Perhaps it is because it isn't given to us, but is something we make for ourselves. Perhaps from a position at the edge of society we can easily choose to be "in" or "out" as we feel.