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How to, tips and tricks, suppliers, gallery, and other advice.

Suppliers of airbrush and related products:


Airbrushes, Paints, Compressors, Stencils, et al. Good customer service by e-mail, deliver internationally.


Iwata airbrushes, Shark compressors, Medea paints, Artool templates.


Pamela Shanteau
Gina G.


Airbrush webring

All types of airbrushing including fabric, canvas, fine art, vehicles, cakes, models, nails and more! Find airbrushing Art, Tips & Tricks, Supplies and more. From Beginners to Experts lets see what you can do.

Airbrush artists webring

The Aribrush Artists Webrings is only for airbrush artists. A member's website has to have some of his/her art.

Body Painting

The Body Painting Webring is dedicated to body painting artists from all over the World. Experience the beauty and illusion created when using the human body as a canvas. We do not accept member sites which contain xxx or pornographic material. However, our ring may contain some sites which include nudity as a part of the artist's interpretation.

Underground art webring

The Underground Art Webring's goal is to connect different types of artists or art lovers sites together that are off the beaten track. To try and break down the walls of differences between what is known as accepted fine art and what has been labeled underground art. The sites we are looking to join this webring are the art sites and sites who's visitors that would be interested underground art!