Furvey - Fursuits & Accessories

26. What type of fursuits do you own?
[species, size, design etc]

Right now I own a wolf tail that I bought from Jinx last year. Sandroo has a first attempt at a wolf prosthetic for me, which I have tried on but not worn in public.

27. Do you enjoy wearing furry accessories?
[collars, tails, ears etc]

I don't think I'd ever go for a collar, but I do enjoy wearing my tail.

28. Do you feel 'furrier' when wearing a fursuit/collar/tail etc?

Very much so. The weight and heft of Jinx's tail feels really good. I enjoy the feel of it, despite the fact I can't actually see it most of the time. The prosthetic has similar properties - looking along a grey muzzle is so right for me, being able to see the tip of my black nose.

29. Do you wear your fursuits in public?
[e.g. at conventions, parades]

Only the tail so far. This is likely to change.

30. Describe your favourite/ideal 'furry' appearance.
[e.g. wearing animal-themed clothes, fursuits, tail, collars...]

I'd like to have a full fursuit, in a semi-realistic style. I'm going to be putting a fair amount of my spare time into this.