Furvey - Furriness

'furriness' - the feelings, emotions, thoughts and lifestyle that result from your attitude towards animals / relationship with your 'phenotype'.

31. What are your phenotype(s)?
['phenotype' - the species of animal(s) with which you empathise, bond, spiritually connect etc]

Wolf, and dolphins during my childhood. Occasionally the dolphin returns when I'm around water.

32. Describe your ideal physical form.
[e.g. would you most like to be a human, or a normal zoomorphic animal, an anthropomorphic animal, centaur...]

I'd like to be an anthropomorphic wolf, ideally able to shift to a four legged form, but retaining my sentience.

33. How much would you like to actually become an animal/furry?

A very great deal - which is why I try to avoid thinking along those lines too much.

34. Would you like to be transformed into an animal/furry, if you could _not_ change back?


35. What kind of furry, non-sexual fantasies do you have?

I dream of being able to walk through the streets, muzzle and tail held high - in short to live the life I have now in my true form. I also dream of being able to walk away from that existence, into the wilderness, knowing that I am equally well adapted for that existence too.

36. What conditions help you to enjoy/express your furriness?
[being around other furries, exploring the 'great outdoors' etc]

In general I find it easier to begin to shift into my fur side when I am relaxed. This tends to mean in the company of other furs, in the outdoors, away from work. Curiously the wolf-thought can take over when I am most stressed, mentally and physically, and over-tired.