Furvey - External Furriness

37. How and when was your furriness first evident?

I still can't pinpoint a beginning. The influence of dolphin was from a very young age. My parents were going through my childhood drawings recently: the earliest has the caption "dog after fox" in my mothers writing. I was 4. Perhaps I've always been this way.

38. How does your furriness influence your lifestyle, personality, appearance, emotions or thoughts?

I think it pretty much affects all that I do, as it is responsible for framework that defines myself and my morality. Understanding a non-furry viewpoint is that hard task. Perhaps the most significant areas are my sensual experiences: smell and touch are very important to me.

I have shifting experiences and furry dreams on an irregular basis. I make various furry vocalisations and mannerisms. I'll admit I do often meow and use other cat noises - this is the influence of those cats I live with.

I don't engage in on-line play often. I suspect much of this is due to worries about call charges - perhaps things might be different when flat rate calls are more common, but I get nervous if the Tx and Rx lights aren't on solid! Use that bandwidth!

39. How much control do you have over your furriness?
[does it have negative side effects; has it ever manifested itself involuntarily]

Its fairly well controlled. It can break though in some situations, but these are fairly predictable. I've had a few incidents where I really wasn't in control, including one powerful shift in central London where I bolted across Piccadilly to the perceived safety of the park. I could easily have been run over. Recently, prescription drugs I've had to use have affected my level of self control.

40. Do you act furry in public?

Not to a huge extent: vocalisations and scritchies are about the limit.

41. How does your furriness influence the way you interact with people?

It may be responsible for my caution with new people. Being somewhat more aurally focused than most, I tend to listen without looking, keeping my eyes scanning my surroundings. This doesn't go down well, and can make folks think I'm shifty.

42. Do you act more/less furry in the company of furry friends?

More, definitely. The longer I spend in furry company the more of it shows.

43. What are other people's attitudes towards your furriness?

Very few non-furs know. My parents know _very_ little. Ailsa, who I live with knows and tolerates it. She remains curious about the underlying spirituality.

44. What types of furry themed decorations/accessories adorn your living space?
[e.g. posters, drawing, calendars in your house/room]

Wolf calendars, assorted animal figurines and statues.