Further Confusion 2007

In which I attend my first furry con since Anthrocon 2000.

Tuesday 16th January:

Somehow the four or so hours I'd allowed to get to Heathrow airport disappeared in a procession of traffic jams, roadworks, and bad weather. I ended up running through the airport, from check-in to passport control, to security, to the gate. I'd much rather have had time to chill out and relax before the flight, but it wasn't to be. My luck didn't continue on the best of form either, the in-flight entertainment system died near the end of the first film I watched - Clerks II; but to be frank it was at best mediocre, and I won't even bother to torrent the rest to see how it ends.

Arrived at the Doubletree to find it looking like any other hotel; elegant, full of well dressed people in suits with their laptops, powerpoint presentations, and leather bound notebooks. It's at this stage that I get the doubt: is this the right place? Will it really transform into a furry con? I sat down with a Sam Adams to wait and see. A cart stacked with Action Packers (the luggage of choice for US fursuiters) soon appeared, as did the occasional animal t-shirt. This would be the place...

Of my roommates, [info]sandroo arrived first, and we had another beer while waiting for [info]emejn and [info]badgerguy. They had all been in the bay area for a few days beforehand, and between them they managed to keep me up until around 10pm local time.