Yaffaif screenshot

Explore a fantasy world that seems intent on transforming the player into something else.

This is my own venture into adult furry interactive fiction games. Currently it is in a development phase where you can get a feel for the game, and play around, but the content is incomplete. Much of the groundwork was done many years ago in an attempt to improve upon the likes of virtual feeder and feeder fantasy creating something that was more of a game.

The game is written in Java to be platform independent asnd should work on the following operating systems if you have a modern Java runtime: Linux (x86, x86-64bit), OSX (Lion onwards), Windows (XP onwards).


First, you will need Java 8. If you don't have it go to java.com, download it and install it.

Next, download the game archive and save it somewhere: GameFX2.zip v0.23 1674kb.

Download GameFX2.zip

Once it has downloaded, extract the archive to this folder. Use your normal archiver tool (file explorer, WinZip, Keka, gunzip ...). This will create a GameFX2 folder.

Extract GameFX2.zip

Go into the GameFX2 folder. If your archiver has created a second GameFX2 folder insider the first one, then enter that one too. Double click on GameFX2.jar and the game should launch.

Double click on GameFX2.jar

If this does not work for you, see the install troubleshooting guide.

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