Plump furries

I've always had a fascination, a love, of plump furry characters. Something fairly I was suprised to find I share with others. These pages are dedicated to plump furs, those who write about them and illustrate them, and to the fascination with them.

If you've happened on this page by chance, you may be suprised by the breadth of the subject I've referred to as "plump furs". With the stereotypical furry being a vixen with the elongated statures of a super-model and the artificially enhanced, weightless breasts of a lap-dancer, almost any normally built creature is considered "plump". The field obviously includes furries who are plump or fat, and extends to all kinds of obese and super-obese furs. Perhaps unsuprisingly the topic also includes eating and feeding, but also includes being eaten and eating others. Finally there is the related topic of inflatable and inflated furs.

Where to find more plump furs

A brief collection of links to other sites that feature plump furries of various kinds. There are various kinds of adult material beyond these links - you have been warned.

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