A furry guide to Usenet

This document is intended to be an introduction to reading and posting to the newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry, and other furry newsgroups. It has been written with furs in mind, but much should be applicable to other newsgroups too.


Thes pages can be read in order, or dipped into as needed. These documents are still being prepared. Solid green pins indicate completed sections.

Getting started
Often the best way to learn is by experience, so this part is intended to get your paws dirty reading the group.
Just what to expect.
Groups, threads, and articles
The organisation of Usenet, and some basic terminology.
Selecting a good newsreader, and configuring it.
Servers, peers, and clients
A brief guide to Usenet architecture and workings.
Specifically how copyright applies to Usenet posts.
Some Usenet philosophy
How to stop Usenet and its denziens from ruining your life.
X-No-Archive and news archives
How to stop some sites archiving your posts.
So you want to contribute
How to join in the fun.
Spammers and trolls
How to deal with them.
Choosing an alias
Do you need to protect your identity? How to do it without confusing other furs.
Official documents
Trying to post
How and where to test your software.
Yes, there are more furry newsgroups than you thought!
Posting guidelines
Conventions and advice on how to post.
Newsgroups dedicated to the furry lifestyle
Emoticons and gestures
Recognising and showing how you feel.
To those who helped assemble this document.